WFA’s Appling Gives Kudos to FDL For Grassroots Victory Over “Gender Identity” Proposal

ImageOn Monday, 11/18, City of Fond du Lac constituents crowded into the Council Chambers leaving standing room only for a public hearing on a contentious “gender identity” amendment to a city ordinance proposed by openly gay councilman Dan Manning.

>>>>>view the proposed amendment to the ordinance HERE

>>>>>read more about the amendment to the ordinance HERE

Fond du Lac citizens showed up and stood up for community values not only at the meeting, but through their communications via email and phone to City Council members and Fond du Lac City Council President Sam Meyer.  The majority of the public speaking portion of the meeting was dominated by those who vehemently opposed changes to the ordinance.

WFA president Julaine Appling, who attended the meeting, gives kudos to the effective efforts of the City of Fond du Lac residents, “The citizens of Fond du Lac did an incredible grassroots job on this proposal.  I was at the meeting.  It was one of the best examples of the ‘multiplied power of one’ I’ve ever seen.  This was an unnecessary and dangerous proposal and the citizens spoke loudly and clearly. Fond du Lac did the right thing in defeating it.  Make no mistake, however, it will be back. Those who want to advance this agenda never quit.”

ImageManning is the former board co-president of Equality Wisconsin, an LGBT advocacy group, and co-founder of “Knights Out,” an organization of West Point cadets, alum, staff and faculty that advocates for LGBT “rights” in the military.


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