Contact Gov. Walker Today Because #WILovesLife !


Two important pieces of pro-life legislation are currently waiting on the State Senate to approve them so they can go to Governor Walker for his signature. (Both of these bills have already been approved by the State Assembly.) One of the two bills (AB 216) also has a religious freedom component that is very important to Wisconsin churches and religious organizations.

  • Assembly Bill 216 will protect Wisconsin taxpayers from having to pay for the abortions of state employees and will protect many religious institutions from being forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Assembly Bill 217 will prohibit the shameful practice of performing abortions based on the sex of the child.

Please contact Governor Scott Walker TODAY at  or phone at 608-266-1212.  Phone is especially effective!

IMPORTANT! Let him know how grateful you are for his staunch support of life issues. 

Then, let him know of your strong support for AB 216 and AB 217.  He needs to hear from his constituents how important it is to have these bills to his desk this January.

If these two bills are not put on the calendar in January, it is likely we will not get them passed before the Senate ends its session.  We are especially concerned that churches and other religious organizations have the right to offer to their employees insurance coverage that does not violate their religious beliefs.

Please don’t delay! 

JOIN OUR TWEETFEST!  Send your message to Governor Walker using hashtags #WILovesLife – and ask your friends to join in, too!


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