THIS SUNDAY: Sanctity of Human Life Sunday – Life Issues Gaining Ground in WI

Sanctity of Human Life SundayFrom the Desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

It’s January which means it is Sanctity of Human Life month.  Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is this coming Sunday.  On January 22 of this month it will be 41 years since the United States Supreme Court concocted pretty much out of thin air a “right to privacy” that made abortion legal across this country.

Over those intervening 41 years, Planned Parenthood both nationally and at the state level, has grown into multi-million dollar organizations.  Planned Parenthood remains, nationally and here in Wisconsin, the number one provider of abortions each year.  Planned Parenthood receives millions of dollars each year of taxpayer money—that’s your money—that then is used to promote in public schools and elsewhere programs and materials and ideologies that encourage our young people to engage in promiscuous, recreational sex—often illegal activity because of state under-age-sex laws.  In so doing, Planned Parenthood is virtually assuring future business, if not for abortion at least for tests for sexually-transmitted diseases and infections.

While Planned Parenthood has been using millions, if not billions, of our hard-earned dollars to propagate it’s dangerous and insidious message and work, pro-life groups have managed to gain some important victories—nationally and at the state level—without drinking at the trough of government funds, a euphemism for your money.

In spite of this very obvious tilting of the field against us, pro-life organizations and pro-life citizens continue to gain the high ground.  In Wisconsin, the number of abortions has consistently gone down over the last several years, reaching a record low in 2012 in both number of abortions performed and the abortion rate.  The 2012 numbers are 6,927 abortions and 6.1 abortions per 1,000 Wisconsin women ages 15-44, which is well below the national statistics.

One abortion is too many; certainly nearly 7000 abortions are horribly too many.  However, we are encouraged that the number is dropping.  The number is going in the right direction because with the help of many of you as pro-life citizens, we’ve passed some good laws restricting abortion and making sure women are truly informed and protected as they consider this life-taking, high-risk procedure.

But it’s not just laws that are helping win the day.  It’s changes in the culture, as well.  More and more people think abortion any time for any reason is not right.  That tells me some of the pro-life media campaigns have hit the mark.  It also tells me that our churches have been getting the biblical pro-life message out.  It tells me families are making sure the next generation knows the truth.  Gains against the formidable, well-funded pro-abortion crowd don’t come easy but they are always worth the money, time and effort expended.  Who can put a price on saving the life of a baby?

Now that’s the question of the day as we mark 41 years of the abortion holocaust in our country and 41 years of Planned Parenthood’s anti-life, anti-women scourge on our communities. That’s the question I ask now as we enter the last couple of months of our legislative session here in Wisconsin.  I ask it directly of the State Senate where we have 2 pro-life bills sitting waiting for action in this house so the bills can go to the governor.  Assembly Bill 216 would keep taxpayers from having to pay for the abortions of state employees and would also create a religious freedom exemption for churches and other religious organizations so they can offer their employees health insurance that does not include contraceptives that are abortion-inducing—against their religious beliefs.  Assembly Bill 217 would ban sex-selective abortions in our state.

choose life plates LGIn addition to these two bills, we have Assembly Bill 206 in the Senate, ready for this body to vote on and get to the governor.  Assembly Bill 206 authorizes a Choose Life Wisconsin license plate with proceeds from the sale of the plate going to our Pregnancy Resource Centers so they can continue and enlarge their life-saving, life-affirming, pro-women work.

Really, who can put a price—whether that price is financial, social, or political—on saving the life of a baby?  I’m hopeful that our State Senate will clearly see the answer to that question and join wholeheartedly in 2014 Sanctity of Human Life month by acting on these bills so that in 2015, we can report more Wisconsin babies saved and more Wisconsin women protected from the horrors of abortion.


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