A Millennial Takes on Liberal Lies

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

Generation gaps aren’t new. Every younger generation thinks, at some point, those ahead of them are out of touch and are unwilling to try anything new.  And I suppose every older generation at some point thinks the younger set is still wet behind the ears, unwilling to pay their dues, and think they’re entitled and more. 

Given this kind of universal truth, articles such as the one I read recently written by a member of the younger generation really catch my attention because they break the norm, tear down barriers, and speak across generational lines.

ImageJohn Hawkins (left), a millennial conservative blogger, posted an article that landed on Townhall.com recently, a conservative website that garners writers from all across the country who write on current issues, largely from a pretty conservative position.

Hawkins article is entitled “7 Lies Liberals Tell Young Americans,” and I believe Hawkins has hit this issue square on. Because liberals by and large own the media, own the educational system from early childhood through advanced college degrees, own the entertainment world and much of the political sphere, the liberal message is pervasive.  This is especially true as it relates to impressionable young people who are either a captive audience in government-run schools or are lured by the siren song of those in the communications area who sing words that tickle their immature ears.  Thus, the lies liberals repeat in catchy phrases and that sound so appealing to the depraved nature of all of us especially resonate with the younger generation.

So it’s encouraging to have one of their own knock some sense into them, if you get my drift.  Here’s what Hawkins says are the 7 lies liberals flaunt as truth to our unsuspecting young people:

The first liberal lie, says, Hawkins, is, in his words, “You are a special little flower.” I admit to laughing out loud when I read that.  He makes the case that reality does not support the “everyone’s a winner” approach that pervades so much of society. You know the idea, don’t keep score, don’t use red ink, don’t make anyone feel bad because the most important thing is that you participate, that you try.  Hawkins says, “Contrary to what young Americans are taught in school, ‘experience trumps brilliance,’ hard work beats talent, and most people value you for what you bring to the table right now, not how wonderful your teacher said you were for ‘trying hard.’ 

The second liberal lie foisted on young Americans, according to Hawkins, is that Social Security and Medicare will be there for them.  With staggering national debt, it won’t be, says Hawkins, and drolly notes that “If young Americans would like to receive more than sack cloth and an occasional bowl of gruel from the government once they get long in the tooth, they should be demanding entitlement reform.

Liberal lie number 3 to our young people is that faith isn’t relevant anymore.  Hawkins makes the case that Christianity is the bedrock of this nation and that trying to live outside the teachings of Christianity is a certain recipe for disaster.

Lie number 4 is that the government is your friend.  Hawkins exposes the pound of flesh government exacts when we feed from its proffered hand—from college loans to welfare and food stamps.

Hawkins reduces liberal lie number 5 to 3 words:  morality doesn’t matter.  He writes, “You want a society with no moral code, where no one is ever made to feel bad about doing disgusting things? Well, then you should expect school shootings, welfare fraud, a deterioration of marriage, women having five children out of wedlock with four different men, perverted politicians, etc., etc., etc.”

“Politicians are investing in your future” is liberal lie number 6.  Hawkins would say they are spending your future, not investing in it.  Hawkins wraps it up with liberal lie number 7–“the world owes you a living,” which turns on its head the phrase so many of us grew up hearing from our mothers—“the world doesn’t owe you a living.” 

I like this young millennial John Hawkins. He talks my language.  In my day we called what he said the truth—no popping a sham, no flowery euphemistic language, just bold, sometimes brash, straight talk.  So, if you have young people in your life who don’t want to hear the truth from you because you’re kind of, you know, long-in-the-tooth and don’t think you can break through that generation gap, refer them to John Hawkins at Townhall.com.  He’ll set them straight!


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