WFA President to WI DOA Sec’y Mike Huebsch: What Happened to Casino Criteria?

Wisconsin Family Action sends letter to Secretary Mike Huebsch regarding Kenosha Casino

MADISON—Today Wisconsin Family Action delivered a letter to Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch asking why the criteria Governor Walker laid out over two years ago regarding new casinos in Wisconsin have seemingly been abandoned—or at a minimum, changed.

The letter is in response to remarks Secretary Huebsch made to the media earlier this week. (Kenosha News; Racine Journal Times) In his remarks, the Secretary carefully avoided making any reference to the criteria that until recently had been much publicized. His remarks focused on the study commissioned by Governor Walker.

Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling states in the letter,

“But we are most concerned by the absence in your remarks of the three criteria that both you and the Governor promised would be necessary to approve a casino.

There is no consensus of the tribes on this project, and it is clearly an expansion of gambling. Yet the Governor has delayed his decision to conduct this study, one that you say will make clear what his decision should be.

On behalf of the thousands of families Wisconsin Family Action represents statewide, I have to ask the obvious question: Are you now abandoning your three criteria in favor of a fourth criterion – a study? A new criterion that would appear to override both the failure to achieve consensus within the tribes and the significant expansion of gambling that this new casino will bring to our state?”

The entire letter is available HERE.

Wisconsin Family Action has consistently urged Governor Walker to stick to his criteria in determining whether to approve the proposed off-reservation casino in Kenosha.


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