“Abortion is a Blessing” Says Women’s Medical Fund in WI Capitol Rotunda Display

On just about any given day, the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol is alive with the sound of schoolchildren’s voices on guided tours, artists and media personnel with photography equipment, families walking through the magnificent halls of history, and the hubbub of daily legislative activities. Image The 1st floor is set apart for exhibits, displays and other forms of “free speech” and topics range from life issues, to extreme attacks on Christianity, pride in or distaste for local government officials and more.  On display this week in the rotunda is a simple poster board with few words that stands on a lonely easel. With a bright pink feminine background the words “Abortion is a Blessing” lend a painful reminder of the 56,000+ unborn children whose snuffed-out lives are deemed a “blessing” by the Women’s Medical Fund of Wisconsin (WMF), an organization which, by their own claim, “provides money to help pay for abortion in Wisconsin” and proudly proclaims donations to assist children and women in having abortions as “Our Work.”  The signage itself makes reference to a book penned Anne Nicol Gaylor, the administrator of WMF and  the founder of the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, a local atheist group.

In a recent commentary written by Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling we are reminded that Wisconsinites value life and that the WMF’s statement in our Capitol rotunda is not a reflection of the values of the citizens of the Badger State, “In Wisconsin, the number of abortions has consistently gone down over the last several years, reaching a record low in 2012 in both number of abortions performed and the abortion rate.  The 2012 numbers are 6,927 abortions and 6.1 abortions per 1,000 Wisconsin women ages 15-44, which is well below the national statistics.

ImageOne abortion is too many; certainly nearly 7000 abortions are horribly too many.  However, we are encouraged that the number is dropping.  The number is going in the right direction because with the help of many of you as pro-life citizens, we’ve passed some good laws restricting abortion and making sure women are truly informed and protected as they consider this life-taking, high-risk procedure. 

But it’s not just laws that are helping win the day.  It’s changes in the culture, as well.  More and more people think abortion any time for any reason is not right.  That tells me some of the pro-life media campaigns have hit the mark.  It also tells me that our churches have been getting the biblical pro-life message out.  It tells me families are making sure the next generation knows the truth.  Gains against the formidable, well-funded pro-abortion crowd don’t come easy but they are always worth the money, time and effort expended.  Who can put a price on saving the life of a baby?



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