Following “Not-So-Happy” Easter Message, CWA Wishes FFRF Shared Christian Joy

A “Not-So-Happy” Easter Message

Within 2 days of Concerned Women of America putting up an Easter display depicting the Christian celebration of Christ’s resurrection and celebrating life in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol, the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) put up a a counter display that proclaimed “Nobody died for our sins.” and “Jesus is a myth.”   Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren said the FFRF response is just plain “bad manners.”  Kim Simac with Concerned Women for America Wisconsin joined Fox & Friends yesterday and said while FFRF has a right to their free speech in the state capitol, she is sorry that they don’t share the joy we as Christians have as we recognize and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.   

Watch Greta Van Susteren & Fox News video coverage HERE.  

Watch Wisconsin’s Kim Simac on Fox & Friends here.

>>>>>Read FFRF’s press release here
>>>>>Read full article HERE


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