Milwaukee Passes Sweeping Orientation/Gender Identity Non-discrimination Ordinance

ImageMilwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander’s attempted to bring common-sense, safety and freedom protecting amendments to an onerous proposal on a so-called anti-discrimination ordinance up for a vote by the Milwaukee County Board last night.  The controversial “Bathroom Bill” guarantees “very broad legal protections for those self-identifying as another gender to have a right to utilize all county facilities.”

Alexander believes the ordinances leave “loopholes that are going to aid sexual predators in hurting our community” and lend protection to “peeping toms and other predators to use LGBT protections as a cover for going into bathrooms they don’t belong.”

ImageJulaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, states, “Unlike the City of Fond du Lac whose officials voted down a similar ordinance late last year, Milwaukee County insists on compromising the safety and the religious freedom of its residents while pandering to a very small minority who insist on special treatment. We need more elected officials like Supervisor Deanna Alexander who stand up for those they represent and for what is right.”

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