Wisconsin Family Council co-hosts noon NDP event at State Capitol

From Wisconsin Family Council:

Madison— Wisconsin Family Council is co-hosting the National Day of Prayer event today at the state capitol.
At noon, citizens will gather for a brief program and a time of prayer for our communities, state and nation.

The US Congress called for and formally recognized an annual National Day of Prayer in 1952, when the bill
was signed by President Harry Truman. That law asks people “to turn to God in prayer and meditation.” In
1988, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill making the first Thursday in May each year the official National
Day of Prayer.

Image“It is an honor and privilege to be part of National Day of Prayer and to work with Joleen Helbig, State
Coordinator for National Day of Prayer. People talk about American Exceptionalism. I believe having a
congressionally recognized National Day of Prayer is part of that exceptionalism. Our unique history is replete
with national calls to prayer and fasting, asking the citizens of this great nation to pray to Almighty God for His
divine wisdom and intervention. That’s quite a heritage!” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family

Today’s program will include patriotic and worship music, reading of Governor Scott Walker’s Day of Prayer
Proclamation and prayers being offered especially for government leaders, military, churches, business,
education, families and media. “Prayer Flight” will also be participating, with at least one pilot flying and
praying over the state capitol during the one-hour event.

Appling noted, “Our national motto is ‘One Nation Under God.’ Today in a special way, we are gathering all
across this great state and nation to pray to this God under whom this state and nation exist. Our prayer is that
many citizens will join us.”

The event will be held at the King Street entrance to the State Capitol, weather permitting. Otherwise, the event
will be held in GAR Hall, Room 413 North in the Capitol.


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