Great Day for Religious Freedom! SCOTUS Issues Ruling On PRAYER

From our friends at Family Research Center:

ImageToday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling wasn’t just an answer on prayer — it was an answer to prayer! In what experts are calling one of the biggest religious liberty wins in the last half-century, the Court gave its blessing to an American tradition more than 200 years old: legislative prayer. In cities across America, secular activists have come to legal blows with dozens of local governments over the freedom to open meetings with a prayer recognizing the Author of our liberty.

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More from CitizenLink:

In a dramatic 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled this morning in favor of the Town of Greece, a New York city that had been sued for allowing sectarian prayers at its council meetings. Justice Anthony Kennedy, in the opinion for the majority, wrote: “An insistence on nonsectarian or ecumenical prayer as a single, fixed standard is not consistent with the tradition of legislative prayer…”

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Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, responds, “This decision is certainly encouraging.  Freedom from Religion has been very aggressive in Wisconsin in this area issuing a number of threats to local units of government regarding opening their meetings with prayer. Now the court has settled the issue and I hope more and more city councils, county, town and village boards will take advantage of this uniquely American tradition.”


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