WI Rep Kleefisch Calls Out Freedom From Religion Foundation

After witnessing an offensive sign on display in the Wisconsin State Capitol rotunda a few weeks ago, Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) decided to send out a press release countering the message. The release’s headline was “Thank God, the Atheists Have a Voice.”  The sign was put up by the Madison-based organization Freedom From Religion Foundation in response to a Christian Easter display a few weeks ago.  Kleefisch remarks, “I guess if I were responsible for the FFRF marketing message, I’d find some actual proof God doesn’t exist to counter the multitudes of proof He does.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is in the process of enlarging their offices on W. Washington Street in Madison (photo, left) and we can expect to see more activity as they go from an old apartment complex to a four-story building near our state capitol.  Construction is being done by NCI-Roberts, general contractor who, ironically, is also in the midst of putting an addition on Door Creek Church in Madison. The FFRF building is named the “Free Thought Building,” but NCI wrongly and quite badly refers to it as “The Freedom Building.”


2 comments on “WI Rep Kleefisch Calls Out Freedom From Religion Foundation

  1. In response to the above post, NCI-Roberts Construction, Inc., completes commercial construction projects based on criteria such as size of project, location, project timeline, staff experience, and many others. NCI-Roberts Construction does not discriminate in any manner on the basis of a client’s spiritual paths, ethical or moral beliefs or religious background! We complete projects for private owners, public institutions and all faith groups, denominations and religious organizations. The beliefs of an individual, group, party, association or business we do work for doesn’t necessarily represent the beliefs of the NCI-Roberts team. We believe we should not be chastised for doing business with any group, individual, association or entity because of personal frustration or political play. If you have questions regarding our company’s nondiscrimination policy, please contact our office at (608) 257-0500.

    • Wisconsin Family Action says:

      WFA did not “call out” NCI-Roberts for taking the job We noted that the company was also doing a project for Door Creek Church. We “called out” NCI-Roberts for what we consider to be a very bad error in the name of the Freedom from Religion Building. That was the point. It is the “Free Thought” building not, as noted even today on the company website, the “Freedom Building.” That connotes an entirely different meaning from “Free Thought.” We may disagree with what a company does, but that’s our right—and we 100% respect the right of any company to take jobs it believes is in line with its best interest and corporate mission.

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