Target Puts Seal of Approval on Homosexuality – Again

ImageWisconsin Family Action has reported in the past that Target supports homosexuality through political giving as well as with same-sex “marriage” greeting card selections and a same-sex wedding registry both on-line and in their stores across the nation.  Today we learn that in honor of “Gay Pride” month (June), Target is offering a line of t-shirts (not the first time) that support and promote homosexuality. 

Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action president states, “President Obama put his stamp of approval on fatherless/motherless families when he issued the Presidential Proclamation declaring June 2014 “LGBT Pride Month.”  Instead of affirming homosexuality, he should be advocating the gold standard of one man/one woman families – the very best environment for healthy children.  Target’s support of homosexuality comes as no surprise as the liberal agenda walks lockstep with our president’s lead.”



One comment on “Target Puts Seal of Approval on Homosexuality – Again

  1. sylvatica says:

    I love the the death throes of a hate group.

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