SCOTUS strikes blow against parental rights

From ParentalRights.Org:

SCOTUSThe Supreme Court of the United States has been in the news a lot lately with some major decisions regarding the balance of power. But one decision you may not have heard about – a decision to not make a decision – may have the biggest impact on your parental rights.

On Monday – the same day the Court handed down their rulings in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Harris v. Quinn – they also chose to deny cert to (that is, they opted not to review) Pickup v. Brown and Welch v. Brown. In doing so, they left in place a California ban on reparative therapy which treads on parental rights.


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WFA president Julaine Appling states, “These laws truly trample on parental rights but then government today seems to think children are their heritage, not the heritage of the Lord given to married moms and dad to love, direct and nurture.  We had a similar bill introduced this session in Madison. Fortunately, it went nowhere but I’m sure it will be back. Parents need to stay tuned in and engaged on this important issue.


One comment on “SCOTUS strikes blow against parental rights

  1. John Howard says:

    We can still fight to overturn laws against reparative therapy. Scotus didn’t rule that we had to accept such a terrible law. It will become more important in the future after we get Congress to enact the Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act I have been tweeting about (you may have seen the tweets go by today, sorry for the barrage but I hope you read them and saw their radical demands and now understand my proposal.)

    Once that law is enacted and same-sex marriage and procreation are prohibited in every state, and we affirm that people only have a right to reproduce as their birth sex, with someone of the other sex, it will really help parents protect their children and stop schools from teaching ridiculous postgenderism and transgenderism as if it was inevitable. And then people will want to know how to help people regain their rights after having been brainwashed by the public schools.

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