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Julaine_Appling_Wisconsin Glasses 2013

Julaine Appling, WFC/WFA president

In October, 1997, Julaine came to work for Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) as Director of Office Operations. She served in that capacity until November, 1998, when she was asked to become the Executive Director of WFC. The Board of Directors named her CEO in 2006.  In 2009, Julaine was named president of both Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council.  Julaine is the voice behind (and some of the creative mind behind) WFC’s weekly radio broadcast, “Wisconsin Family Connection,” which is currently aired on nearly 30 Christian radio stations around the state. In addition, she hosts VCY America’s Home Front radio program each Wednesday afternoon from September through May. Julaine was a statewide leader in the effort to preserve traditional one-man/one-woman marriage in Wisconsin that resulted in the passage of Wisconsin’s Marriage Protection Constitutional Amendment in November 2006.

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