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  1. Bob Helgemo says:

    In the JSOnline article today regarding the state budget, the writers did not specify how much the Domestic Partner stuff would cost the state taxpayers. Do we have any idea what that cost might be?

    • Amy Lewis says:

      Meanwhile, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated this week that extending health benefits to state employees’ domestic partners would eventually cost $11.3 million to $15.9 million per year.

      That’s from an AP story from May 15th. Read the rest of the article here.

  2. Paul Jaffe says:

    You should make an Auto email for your subscribers to send emails to Senators and Congressman for each issue that comes up. That way all we would have to do is fill in our name and address and send the email which would be ready to go (prewritten by you). You could generate thousands of emails that way and people could forward them to others to do the same.

    • Amy Lewis says:

      Paul, thank you for your suggestion! We do, in fact, have that system in place for subscribers to our e-updates. You can sign up for those updates at http://www.wifamilyaction.org.

    • Leila Smith says:

      I agree with you that we should be able to e-mail our senators and congressmen at any time. I know that they all favor the “Gay” lifestyle, from having received some responses back from them. It just makes me sick the our children, grandchildren and the future generations if there will be anything left, for them to have to live in such a world as our leaders are making it.

  3. Jackson Allen says:

    How much does the marriage-preferential Married Couple Credit cost the state in lost taxes. If you’d like to see that and many other rights go away for married people, just keep it up, keep picking on anyone who’s different, and you will get your just rewards.

  4. Robyn says:


    I am voting on my lunch hour and I am still struggling with choosing between Ron Johnson and Rob Taylor. They both voted identicle down the line regarding values. I have always been and will be a values voter. Is there somewhere you can send me more information to compare the 2 before I vote today?

  5. Thank you for the excellent article on Gosnell and Christensen. “God/she, will say ‘Well done” was in that article on Christensen in 2001. That was the false god he worshipped. Actually, Christensen was worshipped. Articles after this 2001 article talked about how Meriter and the city and others were helping him relocate when Meriter told him they were not renewing his lease. Deborah Hobbins gloated on TV News in 2003 how they pulled off the groundbreaking at Planned Parenthood on Orin Road without the opposition knowing of it. January 2004 the grand opening was attended by 800 people, including Mayor Dave. Christensen operated his Madison Abortion Clinic out of that building without his business name on the sign. At Meriter, his business name was on the Meriter sign. On Thanksgiving Eve, 2008, shortly after 11 a.m., a black woman appeared in the inner entrance glass foyer, leaving the building. She could not walk without holding onto the wall. One hand held her abdomen. Her knight in shining armor got out of his large vehicle and helped her walk out of the foyer to the large vehicle. I have never seen the agony I saw on her face before or since. I kept praying. Once they left, I wept hard and long. I decided to wait for Christensen to leave for lunch. Sure enough, he came out to his car and drove out of the parking lot, like every day. I stared at him, long and hard, knowing he knew what he had done to Momma and Baby. In 2009, he was “retiring”-relocating to Rockford actually, and again a plan was put together to keep his work going, and the UW said they would have late term abortions at 1 S. Park at UW Health, in the Madison Surgery Center. In 2010, the UW’s plans collapsed. Abortions are still done at Orin Road-their 10th year now. A Jehovah’s Witness came to my door last fall and told me his wife works at the UW Medical Foundation and they told her there are no abortions in Madison and he believed it. We need people to know there are abortions in Madison. We need to stop abortion. God bless you.

  6. Piltdown911 says:

    “Wisconsin Family Action strongly supports this preemptive, proactive amendment that is designed to ensure that Wisconsin citizens have their constitutionally provided religious freedom and conscience rights protected for years to come.”
    You blindly forgot the “at the government’s discretion” part. This bill is a Trojan horse pretending to give us liberties we already have.

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