WI Governor Issues Statement on New Marijuana Legalization; WFA President Responds

ImageWisconsin state representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison, photo, left) has introduced LRB 3671, a bill that legalizes marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, citing it as “good for Wisconsin citizens” and provides “additional revenue for the state.”

Governor Scott Walker (R) has not shut down the idea entirely and, in fact, indicated that he doesn’t see any movement for it “right now.”

WFA president Julaine Appling says the Governor’s statement raises some red flags, “Governors talking about an addictive, gateway drug such as marijuana in terms of how much sales tax revenue is or could be generated by legalizing the sale of it, alarms me.  As with gambling, any economic gain that comes at the expense of potentially ruined lives is at best a double-edged sword.  Ruined lives generally end up costing taxpayers a great deal of money.

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