TODAY Kicks off National Marriage Week!


Governor Walker Proclaims Marriage Week


For the fourth consecutive year, at the request of Wisconsin Family Council, Governor Scott Walker issued a National Marriage Week Proclamation.  

>>>>>View the official proclamation and read more HERE.

ImageJulaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council, issued this statement on our radio spot, Wisconsin Family Minute, this week, “We’re pleased Governor Walker has once again issued this proclamation stating clearly that marriage is good for Wisconsin.  Marriage is the one institution that consistently provides men, women and children with a better life.  It builds strong communities and churches and it’s at the core of our basic economic unit – the family.”

National Marriage Week USA takes place February 7 – 14.  


  • Pray for our nation to uphold the God-ordained institution of marriage.
  • Pray for couples who may be struggling in difficult situations within their marriages.
  • Pray for families dealing with divorce.
  • Come alongside a couple who may need support and/or discipleship and mentoring in their marriage.

>>>>>Read more about National Marriage Week and learn how you can promote and celebrate marriage this month HERE.

Wisconsin Governor Issues Marriage Proclamation; Binds Men and Women Together

ImageWHEREAS, marriage creates new families, binds men and women together in a network of affection, mutual aid and mutual obligation, commits fathers and mothers to their children and connects children to a wider network of relatives…”   ~Governor Scott Walker, Marriage Proclamation 2014

Wisconsin Family Council/Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling responds, “We are pleased Governor Walker has once again issued this proclamation stating clearly that marriage is good for Wisconsin.  Marriage is the one institution that consistently provides men, women and children with a better life.  It builds strong communities and churches, and it is at the core of our basic economic unit—the family.”

This is the fourth year the Governor has issued the proclamation at the request of Wisconsin Family Council.  National Marriage Week is recognized and celebrated each year February 7-14.




TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 2013 is the MARRIAGE MARCH in Washington, D.C. 

Wisconsin Family Action one of the proud sponsors of the Marriage March spearheaded by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).  At stake is the identity and the survival of the family.  Will you be taking part?  You don’t have to be present in D.C. to stand up for the protection of traditional marriage.  Share this message with others and commit to prayer as the Supreme Court of the United States begins hearings on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 tomorrow.

From NOM:

“On March 26th the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Perry case, which will determine if Proposition 8 – the citizens initiative approved by the people of California in 2008 to protect marriage – is constitutional or not. More importantly, the question of same-sex “marriage” and the right of Americans to protect marriage will be decided. We believe it is imperative that political leaders, the media, and the culture see that we care about protecting marriage enough to stand up and march for it.”

Marriage Connects Mothers and Fathers to Their Children

“If marriage provided no other benefit than this—providing the very best environment for the rearing of children—we should promote marriage.” – WFA President Julaine Appling

Wisconsin Family Connection Weekly Radio Commentary (transcript):

One Sunday last month, our church had Parent Dedication.  It’s a time when we dedicate the parents who had children the year before.  This year six young couples stood on the platform holding children ranging from newborns to almost one-year-olds.

As I looked at those young families, I was struck again with how beautiful God’s plan is–men and women marrying and forming new families and bringing in to this world the next generation.  Barring unfortunate situations, the adorable little boys and girls proudly on display in their parents’ arms that Sunday, will experience a good life—largely because they were born into homes with a married mom and dad.

It has become profoundly clear that this one factor gives these children a distinct advantage over children born into single-parent homes or even homes where their mother and father may live together but aren’t married.

If marriage provided no other benefit than this—providing the very best environment for the rearing of children—we should promote marriage.  Instead, marriage is, in general, discouraged and disparaged, resulting in people shunning it in alarming numbers.  That’s a dangerous path for churches, communities, states and our nation.

To help present the good of marriage to the nation, the National Marriage Week organization several years ago began promoting National Marriage Week February 7-14 each year.  The idea is that churches and pastors especially will take advantage of some of the ideas National Marriage Week offers and will highlight marriage as God intends it to be.  They encourage pastors to preach on marriage, celebrate the marriages in their congregations with vow renewals and testimonies, host married-couple date-nights and community-wide marriage enrichment activities.

National Marriage Week also encourages governors to issue proclamations extolling the public good of marriage.  We are very pleased that for the third straight year, Governor Scott Walker, at our request, has publicly proclaimed February 7-14 as Marriage Week in Wisconsin.

ImageThe proclamation in a formal sense expresses what I sensed during the Parent Dedication service.  As the Governor says, marriage “connects fathers and mothers to their children” and “a healthy, loving marriage deserves special respect because it … creates the safest place for children to flourish and to enjoy the full emotional, moral, educational and financial benefits of both parents.”

Note the emphasis in the proclamation on the future generation.

Governor Walker recognizes the importance of marriage as the foundational institution for the next generation of Wisconsin citizens.  He knows that having a healthy next generation is imperative if Wisconsin is going to be strong and prosperous in the years ahead.  Getting couples married, keeping them married, and encouraging them to have children is truly in everyone’s best interest.

At the conclusion of the Parent Dedication, our pastor encouraged all of us to come congratulate the couples and assure them of our prayers.  I enjoyed talking with these young people and letting them know how encouraging it was to see them model God’s plan.  One of the mothers, looked at me and quite defensively said, “Well, my sister is a single mother and she and her children are doing just fine.”

That brief conversation concerns me. It tells me that perhaps 30-somethings who are truly born-again Believers and who attend Bible-teaching churches, at least some of them, have bought into the idea that while they have chosen to model God’s plan, they don’t see a problem with people choosing not to model God’s plan.  Live and let live seems to be their approach, especially since so many close family members are now making other choices or find themselves in a different situation.

That’s a dangerous approach. God’s plan is always best.  We forget that to our peril—personally and as a state and nation. Yes, some children in these households will come through pretty well. But make no mistake; the odds are stacked against them.

At a time when the forces of evil are seeking to destroy God’s plan for marriage and family, Christians should be ardent champions and defenders of this institution that is designed for our good and God’s glory. We trust churches and pastors all across the state will take Governor Walker’s words to heart and will take time this week to purposefully champion the institution of marriage and champion the marriages in their congregations for the sake of today and tomorrow.


ImageWHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? MARRIAGE! Today kicks off National Marriage Month, and WFA will be celebrating traditional marriage all February long! We’ll have quotes, tips, polls, interesting facts, and more on our FACEBOOK.  We’ll be “tweeting” out interesting information and news regarding traditional marriage, as well!  (You can “follow” us on Twitter @WIFamilyAction!) Married or not, get ready to join in and affirm God’s gift of marriage between one man and one woman! We’ll start the celebration with WFA president Julaine Appling’s radio commentary “As the Family, So the State,” in which she explains why it is so important to encourage young people to get married, stay married, and remain independent of government.

“Independent families.  They are the backbone of our churches, our communities, our state and our nation.  Just what is an “independent family”?

Independent families are typically intact, mom-and-dad-headed homes, where the family members are not dependent on government entitlement programs for housing, education, transportation, food, or necessities such as diapers or formula for babies.  These families are making it on their own and are not looking to government to fund their lives.

Such families are Wisconsin’s and America’s best natural resource.  Our communities, state and nation have always been built squarely on these families—because they are strong and vital. These families don’t cost the taxpayers; they save taxpayers money. They pay into the system rather than taking from the system.  They positively exemplify the statement,  “As the family, so the state.”

Read the rest of the commentary HERE.

Julaine Appling: Marriage and Family – God’s Gifts to Mankind

Christmas—it’s a time of  gift giving!  As we ponder the greatest gift of all—God’s Son, Our Savior, it is also appropriate that we consider some of the other gifts that God, in His love and mercy, has given to us as human beings.

The gift we are focusing on today is the God-ordained institution of marriage between one man and one woman, and the subsequent blessing of an intact and healthy traditional family. It is impossible to overstate how important this first God-created institution is.  The more I see what is happening in our state and in our nation, the more I am convinced that the root of the problem for nearly all of our ills is the breakdown of marriage and family.  We have not treated this incredible gift with the care it surely deserves and requires.

Today, we have allowed this gift to human kind and society to be grossly distorted. 
Witness the recent passage of same-sex marriage as the law of the land in three states—Maine, Maryland and Washington—and the failure of a marriage protection amendment to pass in neighboring Minnesota.  While Maine, Maryland and Washington have very liberal track records, the final vote margins resulting in passage was actually very narrow in each state, reflecting the very real struggle in these extremely left-leaning states on this critical issue.  That reminds us that the truth is that Americans still favor marriage as we have always known it to be—between one man and one woman.

The National Organization for Marriage conducted scientific nationwide polling on Election Day which showed that 60% of all Americans voting across the country believe traditional marriage should be protected.   That’s across the board, in even the most liberal states, Contrary to what the mainstream media want us to believe,  Americans have not placed a rubber stamp of approval on redefining and destroying this gift marriage to include persons of the same sex. 

While the redefinition of marriage continues to threaten the solid foundation of America’s families, cohabitation and divorce are other factors that threaten this gift from God that provides for healthy relationships between men and women and among all family members, especially children.

The Pew Research Center report on families, released last year, found that 44% of adults say they have cohabited at some point. Talk about ignoring a gift to our own peril – since 1990, the marriage rate in Wisconsin has fallen 22%–while unwed childbirth rates have skyrocketed over the same time period.  Much of that drop in the marriage rate and the unwed childbirth rate can be directly attributed to the rise in cohabitation.

Looking further into divorce statistics, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services notes that 54% of all Wisconsin divorces in 2011 involved families with children under 18 years of age.  Among divorces involving children, an average of 1.9 children were affected by each divorce.

While Americans still favor marriage, these statistics show us that there is much work to be done in order to preserve this godly gift, and that work needs to begin in our own backyard.

In September of this year we witnessed the signing of the Community Marriage Agreement in Racine.  The Agreement is a covenant, a promise, among church leadership to commit to preserve and strengthen, prepare, build and repair traditional marriages. It is Wisconsin Family Council’s desire to encourage more pastors throughout the state of Wisconsin to undertake this important effort in order to increase the marriage rate, reduce the cohabitation rate, provide ongoing mentoring for married couples, and produce healthy families in their community and beyond.

What then can we say about families?  We know that without marriage millions of children will grow up without support systems needed to acquire the social, organizational, financial and educational background, in addition to the spiritual background,  they need to become contributing members of a civilized society.  In fact, statistically these children are very likely to experience a host of problems that could be avoided by being brought up by their married mom and dad. 

Marriage and family are timeless, priceless gifts, given to us for our good and God’s glory.  They are gifts necessary for our very survival and are worthy of each of us doing everything we can to strengthen, preserve and promote them.