What Women Don’t Know Really Can Hurt Them

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president, Julaine Appling:

Democrat National Committee Chairwoman and Planned Parenthood advocate Debbie Wasserman Schultz came to Wisconsin recently and made some horribly offensive comments about Governor Walker and some of his policies she doesn’t like. She focused on laws that, in her opinion, attack women.

This often fire-breathing Democrat leader referred to Governor Walker’s opposition to a minimum wage increase and his signing a bill into law that would prevent people bringing employment discrimination charges against an employer from seeking punitive and compensatory damages in state court.  And she also mentioned the pro-life, pro-woman bills that Governor Walker has signed in the last three years. Clearly, Wasserman Schultz was trying to revive the ridiculous “war on women” idea that the liberals have been hammering on here and around the country for months.

I listened to these comments on the same day I read an article that was reporting on a recent released research study. The study, conducted by The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Cancer Research. This unique research showed that the link between oral contraceptives and breast cancer in women may be greater than what previous studies have shown.

bcpEssentially what the research found is that the less than one percent of women taking what is known as a contemporary “high-dose” oral contraceptive  are 270% more likely than women who are not using oral contraceptive to develop breast cancer.  The 78% of women taking a “moderate-dose” are 160% more likely to develop breast cancer than were women who were not taking the pills. And the 24% of women on a “low-dose” contraceptive showed no greater likelihood of developing breast cancer.  Overall according to the report, “compared with the control group, the women who had used birth control pills in the previous year had a 50 percent higher risk overall than women who had either never used the drugs or had used them in the past.”

If the Planned Parenthood-affiliated Guttmacher Institute is right, then over 10 million American women use birth-control pills—in other words, oral contraceptives. The study dealt with women ages 20-49, which, of course, would be the primary ages of women taking these pills. So what this means is millions of women in the prime of life are directly impacted by this research.

breast-cancer-ribbonBut what has been Planned Parenthood’s and mainstream media’s response to this research about the second leading cancer among women in America? Not surprisingly, but truly alarming, as near as I can see Planned Parenthood hasn’t even mentioned the research;  and the media has dangerously misrepresented it, trying hard to tell women there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Most stories reported the good news for the 24% of women in the control group who took low-dose oral contraceptives showed no greater likelihood of developing breast cancer, and then went on to say that while the risk is significant for the less than one percent of women taking the high-dose pills, no one should worry about that since so few women take the pill in that form.

What they blatantly did not report was that 78% of women in the control group took the moderate-dose pills. Also significant is that some research shows that most women do not know what dose of oral contraceptive their physician has them on. They also don’t bother to report that overall, the women in the control group taking oral contraceptives were collectively 50% more likely to develop cancer than those who weren’t. Now that is a war on women.

The bulk of the mainstream stories don’t even bother to report that a spokesman for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said, “Talk to your provider about the type of birth control you’re using and make sure it meets your needs in light of this new information.” No warning. Nothing. Just a concerted effort to mislead and thereby deprive women of information that can literally be life-saving. That is reprehensible and despicable.

Wasserman Schultz and others of her ilk are the ones waging the war on women. If they were honest and were truly concerned about women and their health, they would be doing everything they could to get the findings of this study out instead of making absurd allegations about Wisconsin’s governor.


Selling Out Independence of Single Women; Creating a Boogeyman for a Vote

Today’s op ed published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action president:

“By now, we are all painfully familiar with the refrain “war on women” from those on the left. Contrary to what they want us to think, liberal progressives are actually the ones waging a war on women with policies bent on making women — particularly single women — dependent on government. You may be surprised by the brilliance of their agenda.

Single-MomsConsider the liberal policy of excessive business regulations. It is not easy for anyone to raise the capital necessary to start a new venture, but it can be especially difficult for women for a number of reasons. When legislators pile regulatory policies on start-ups, they raise the cost of doing business, make compliance and reporting a nightmare and limit profitability for women trying to pursue the dream of owning their own company.

Then consider the high taxes that diminish the family’s bottom line, often eliminating the option for women who want to stay home with their children. Instead, to make family ends meet, moms often are compelled to go into the workforce — at least part time — which frequently puts a strain on their families and marriages.

Wisconsin Family Action has done a rather detailed analysis — to be published soon — of government benefits for single mothers compared to married mothers, and by our cautious calculations, the state and federal governments pay working single moms in Wisconsin approximately $31,000 per year to not marry the working father of their children. From an economic standpoint, government encourages single moms to remain single and incredibly dependent on government welfare, which, incidentally, could change at any time, significantly affecting their monthly income. Policies that essentially pay single moms to remain single condemn women and children to poverty rather than help them become strong and independent.

regret abortion2Liberals are adamant that unregulated, taxpayer-funded, elective abortions at any time during pregnancy is a woman’s right. Yet abortion comes with great risk to a woman and is sometimes accompanied by years of physical, psychological and emotional issues. Keeping a minor girl’s reproductive health information from her parents is dangerous — even medically — for the girl. Opposing parental consent for a minor girl to have an abortion leaves girls at the mercy of abortion clinic staff.

Fighting efforts to have women get an ultrasound prior to an abortion limits information and choice for women. Perhaps most ironically, actively working to make women dependent on government for abortion and contraception effectively puts women’s so-called reproduction rights at the mercy of the appropriations power of the legislature. These policies are the real war on women, yet liberals have vigorously and aggressively supported these policies over the years.

Conservative policies, on the other hand, respect individual liberty — for men and women — and encourage entrepreneurship, job creating, saving, wealth creation and pro-family, pro-life initiatives. Why then accuse conservatives of waging a war on women?

It is really no secret. Liberals desperately want the significant voting bloc of single women in America who lean Democratic. It is a large but sometimes inactive voting bloc, which means liberals need to create a boogeyman for single women in order to galvanize their vote, particularly in an off-year election. Thus we end up with the ominous, but wrongly-attributed, war on women rhetoric from Democrats.

There is a real war being waged on women, but it is in fact the work of liberals who want to make women dependent on government and who are willing to sell out the independence of our women for the price of a vote.

Julaine Appling is president of Wisconsin Family Action, a statewide organization dedicated to strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.”


Recognizing the Real War on Women – the War on Everyone

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

I agree.  There is a war on women.  But it’s not being waged by conservatives who are trying to pass pro-life legislation. The very real war on women is being waged by liberals and progressives with policies that harm women.

ImageFor starters, let’s talk about the excessive regulations on businesses that liberal progressives love. Such policies send a clear signal to women in general—we don’t want you starting a new business.  It’s not easy for anyone to raise the capital necessary to start a new venture, but it can be especially hard for women.   When regulatory policies heap on, they raise the cost of doing business, make compliance and reporting a nightmare, and basically make it impossible for women to pursue their dream of owning their own company. This is the real war on women.

And what about high taxes that liberal progressives keep wanting to raise even higher? Raising taxes takes away from many women the option of staying home with their children if they want to.  To make family ends meet, they are often compelled to go into the workforce—at least part-time, requiring finding care for their children, adding additional responsibilities to their already very busy schedules and often putting a strain on their marriage.  This is the real war on women.

ImageAnd how about the constant encouragement to have children out of wedlock? By paying women between more than $35,000 per year to not marry the father of their children, liberals are keeping women dependent on government, which in a very real sense enslaves them.  Government knows, as do the rest of us, that the fastest way to put a woman in poverty is for her to either divorce or have a baby and not be married.  Policies that pay women to not marry before having children condemn women to poverty rather than helping them become strong and independent.  This is the real war on women.

What about wanton spending, spiraling debt, a poor business climate in general that liberals seem bent on maintaining?  These conditions, aggravated by policies that ensure more of the same, make it harder than usual for men to get a job—or keep a job—that pays a wage that will support a family.  Unemployment creates little to no incentive for men to get out and look for a job.  Unemployed men are not very attractive to women.  Is government’s plan to make sure women don’t get married?  Is this another way to keep women dependent on the state, wards of welfare, slaves to the system?  This is the real war on women.

ImageAnd finally, let’s talk about how liberals encourage women to kill their preborn babies.  The ongoing push to encourage women to get rid of “inconvenient” pregnancies by aborting their babies must mean government really doesn’t care about women’s health.  Abortion comes with great risk to a woman—sometimes with years of guilt, psychological and emotional issues—and sometimes with real physical complications.  Turning a blind eye and deaf ear to minor girls who have become pregnant by an adult male is more than a little risky for the minor girl.  Resisting laws that require parental consent before a minor girl has an abortion sends the message that the girl just isn’t important. She’s just a commodity—something to be used and discarded.

Telling a woman who is pregnant that what she is carrying is just a blob of tissue, the product of conception, or a clump of cells is insulting and demeaning.   Fighting efforts to have women get an ultrasound prior to an abortion is also insulting and demeaning.  Defending sex-selection abortion, especially when more girl babies are aborted because of sex than boys, is about as dehumanizing as you can get.  And what about fighting against a law that outlaws so-called “telemed” abortions, where a doctor prescribes a potent medication that will create a chemical abortion—via Skype—without ever examining the woman?  I declare that all of these are the real, the very dastardly war on women.

Yes, there is a war on women; and it is coming from those who have no real sense of the greatness and uniqueness of this country, no understanding of and respect for the value of and sanctity of human life, no appreciation for what it means to be independent and self-governing.  Those who are ready to sell out America are more than willing to also sell our beautiful, talented, giving, creative women to the lowest bidder.

Fortunately, the entire history of America has not yet been written.  We have opportunities to turn this thing around, to head in a better direction.   It will take all of us doing our part and recognizing the real war on women—and recognizing it for what it is…a war on everyone, on everything that makes this country great.