“Subject to significant margins of error”

Hello there. My name is Amy and I do research and writing at WFC, which means that I get to spend hours pouring over material on all manner of subjects from the mundane to the sublime.  Which is one of the reasons I was watching President Obama’s address to Congress last night on CNN’s Facebook page (don’t ever do that). You get to guess where on the spectrum from mundane to sublime that registerd.

As I listened to his speech and watched the unending stream of comments, I realized there were only two things all the Facebook users agreed on: Obama is promising a lot and Nancy Pelosi needs to stop jumping up every two seconds.

AP did a “Fact Check” on some of the president’s statements and promises last night–it’s pretty interesting. What struck me was the administration’s disclaimer : the president’s estimates on the impact of the stimulus package are “subject to significant margins of error.” Fascinating, no?

So, what does all this mean for common Americans struggling to pay the bills? At the best–short-term benefits and long-term consequences. Time will tell how the stimulus plays out. Right now, we await the president’s budget to see exactly how he intends to fulfill his campaign promises (and how it will affect marriage, family, life and liberty).

The bottom line is: no matter who is in power, we put our faith in God, not man. The president mentioned “responsibility” ten times last night. It’s a good idea: let’s hold our elected officials responsible for how they spend our money.

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6 comments on ““Subject to significant margins of error”

  1. CH says:

    Thank you for directing us to this article.

  2. Katie says:

    The President’s speech was filled with the usual democrat-like promises of the government helping everyone get out of all their problems. Frankly, I do not want the government’s “help.” The government’s purpose is not to give temporary handouts to Americans and regulate everything they can get their hands on. No matter how “good” the stimulus plan may sound to some people, the fact remains that the plan resembles socialist economics in that it takes money from hardworking Americans and gives it to those who either do not work for themselves or foolishly waste what they earn. I do not want to be paying for irresponsible and greedy people’s bad choices. Why can’t people assume responsibility for their own actions?

  3. Poorly Labeled says:

    I didn’t know we were in a recession until I lost my job. I was a hardworking Americn who worked for myself and did not follishly waste what I earned. Does that make me greedy, foolish, irresponsible, and a maker of bad choices? Careful, friends, a stroke of ill fate [or even a stroke] might buy you the foolish, greedy can’t take care of yourself label too.

    I also don’t care for the idea of spending billions on a stimulus package, but perahps we all ought to take some time to listen to real people’s stories along with the media versions. And if your a Christian re0-read Matt 25 on the sheep and the goats.

  4. Katie says:

    “Poorly Labeled” – I have read Matt 25 several times in the past and I totally agree with it. I am completely for helping each other in times of need. However, I believe that this can and should be done through the Church. Christians have a responsibility to look out for each other and that is what members of churches should be doing for each other. Sadly, I do not think that many church bodies do enough in giving to and supporting the members of their church.

    What I disagree with is forcing people (through increased taxes) who do have wealth to pay for people who do not have money whether because they lost their job or otherwise. Giving should be voluntary and that is what Christians should be doing. I know what it is like to have to spend frugally and save every penny when income is greatly reduced, and I would welcome selfless gifts from people, but I would not expect, nor want, them to be forced to help me. Also, when the government “helps” people, it doesn’t make distinctions between the people who lost their jobs and the people who made bad spending decisions. I hope this clarifies the difference between people willfully giving to help each other, and the socialist method of forcefully taking from some to “give” to others. I will pray that you find employment soon!

  5. Ginny says:

    Hi, Amy,

    I appreciate all the links that you included in your post.. I feel very strongly about holding elected officials responsible and accountable. Though President Obama is in the top position right now, we are beginning to see that we can still make a difference on the bottom of the fish tank, so to speak. As we band together and support Christians who take places of public position, i.e., school boards, city councils, aldermen, etc., we can become a voice in our own community. More later.

  6. Amy Lewis says:

    Kudos to you, Ginny, and all the work you are doing to hold elected officials accountable!

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